Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Masters 2011: Ryo Ishikawa to give 2011 golf earnings to Japan quake victims

Japanese 19-year Ryo Ishikawa announced he will donate all of his on-course earnings in 2011 including the Masters 2011 to Japan earthquake relief.
Japan's top-ranked professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa will be in the group with P. Harrington of Ireland and B. Haas of United States in Group 12 that will take action at 9:57 am on Thursday's Masters 2011 Tournament. It is noted that Ryo Ishikawa was cut at the Master's Tournament both on 2009 and 2010 but at Masters 2011 certainly adds motivation for him to play at high level to provide some pride and relief to the home fans that were devastated by the earthquake-tsunami and nuclear tragedy.

Not only Ishikawa will be hailed for giving back to Japanese fans at home, but also will inpire other athletes to join his efforts and cause to get Japan back on track.
Ryo Ishikawa won his first pro tournament as a 15-year-old amateur in Japan's Munsingwear Open KSB Cup and has earned more than 100m yen each year since turning professional in 2008, aged 16.

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